Growth and Expansion

Donna Harlan, Head of the Library, 1966 to 1977

The first degrees for full-time students of the South Bend campus were awarded in 1967. In 1968, the IU Trustees renamed all of the regional campuses, and the official name for the South Bend campus became “Indiana University at South Bend.” Under the leadership of Head Librarian Donna Harlan, the library’s collections increased substantially. By 1968, the library had acquired a collection of university documents collected by librarian Virginia Humnicky and a large donation of rare performing arts-related materials from James Lewis Casaday. These early donations formed the nucleus of the IU South Bend Archives and Special Collections.

By 1971, enrollment exceeded 5,000 students. An extension called Northside West was added to Northside Hall. This extension included an expanded library facility to replace the modest single-room library in the original Northside. The new library occupied three floors, with the entrance on the top floor and a single open stairway that led to the two floors below. This expansion afforded more space for the library’s 120,000 volume collection, as well as additional seating, offices, and equipment. By the time Head Librarian Donna Harlan departed in 1977, the library held over 175,000 volumes.

Circulation Desk, Northside Expansion, 1970s
Study Area, Northside Expansion, 1970s