The Library Gets a New Home

Michele Russo, librarian, circa 1980s
Linda Fisher, librarian, 1980

In 1985, the IU Trustees approved the building of a new library on the IU South Bend campus. Two years later, the Indiana House of Representatives appropriated $ 250,000 for the construction of a library.

Franklin D. Schurz, chairman of the board of Schurz Communications, Inc., a media broadcasting company, as well as the former editor and publisher of The South Bend Tribune, donated money to complete the construction of the building. He had been pivotal in purchasing and securing land for the IU South Bend campus in the late 1950s. Other monies were provided by rental income from the Associates Building's computer facility and the Indiana state bonding authority. In addition, Library Director James Mullins actively raised money to support building efforts.

Franklin D. Schurz

Dr. Mullins worked closely with architectural firm, Edward Larrabee Barnes/John M.Y. Lee & Partners of New York to create a state-of-the-art facility that would “satisfy the information requirements of faculty and students into the twenty-first century, whether for printed books and journals, for microforms or magnetic tapes, for compact discs or electronic databases, or for new formats not yet imagined.”