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Scholarly Communications @ The Franklin D. Schurz Library

The Scholarly Communication Program at Indiana University South Bend, begun in August 2013, works to facilitate scholarly production by faculty and students at IUSB and raise awareness of scholarly communication issues including copyright and intellectual property, open access and alternative publishing models, scholarly publishing economics and alternative metrics. We believe that the ideals codified by the Budapest Open Access Initiative are the same that have been espoused by libraries for generations. Thus, as scholars move to embrace OA, we believe it is natural that libraries will take a greater role shaping and guiding the evolution of Scholarly Communication.

The Scholarly Communications Program at IUSB takes three main forms: education, copyright consultation, and the IUScholarWorks suite of services.


We provide informational presentations and guides on a variety of issues relating to scholarly communication, including research impact, author rights, and open educational resources, just to name a few. To schedule a presentation for your department or class, please email

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Copyright is essentially important to all stakeholders in scholarly communication. For educators, questions regularly arise as to what is fair use and what is infringement. For authors, understanding authors' rights is essential to maintaining control over your work. For libraries and universities as a whole, missteps can result in legal action. We are positioning ourselves as a copyright resource to answer any questions faculty or students might have about these issues.

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Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OERs) are part of an exciting movement in higher education which aim to reduce the financial burden on students and educators alike by creating and providing open (free) access to high-quality educational materials such as textbooks, course packs, multimedia materials and lesson plans. Integrating OER materials into your courses can increase student success by reducing the financial burden on students.

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IUScholarWorks is a suite of services centered on open access publishing models. This digital repository showcases, preserves and expands the reach of scholarly research, including peer-reviewed articles, data, grey literature, and theses and dissertations. It also includes an e-journal publishing program and data management services.

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