Production Area/MakerSpace


Roller Laminator & Large Press
Laminate posters, folder games, and signs for greater visibility and durability. The 17" wide roller laminator is especially quick and easy to use.

Die Cuts
Ellison / AccuCut Dies [Die Cuts List]
Explore a pictorial view of our Dies & Letters, over 500 letter & shape dies (mini, small, large, xLarge) for school, church, library or personal needs. Create hands on activities for the classroom and displays. These help to support curriculum from literacy to science and meet local and national standards while making learning fun.

Comb Binder
Bind professional reports, journals, notepads or your own children's story with ease. Plastic comb sizes range from 3/8” – 2” in variety of colors, and bind 4 – 425 sheets.

ProClick Binder
Create a professional look for reports or a job resume with unique rigid comb style.

Printing Services
* Wide Format & 3D Printing *

Color Laser Printer
Print 8x11 or 11 x17 color or black/white prints.

Print card or Crimson card access only. (Ask WERC staff for help)
Print color or black/white. Sizes: 8"x11" -11"x17".
Also make single and double sided prints.

Transform printed documents into pdf or jpeg files using our Snapscan scanners. Available on all PCs and Macs in computer area.

Special features:

  • Advanced paper feeding system
  • Effortless scanning for double side 8 x 11 documents
  • 50-page Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
  • One button searchable PDF creation


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Paper Products
Construction Paper (9" x 12")
Construction Paper (12" x 18")
Posterboard (22" x 28" in a variety of colors)
Foamboard (30" x 40" black or white) 
Tagboard (red & white)
Computer Printout- Color (8.5" x 11")
Computer Printout - Black & White (8.5" x 11")
Computer Printout- Color (11" x 17")
Computer Printout - Black & White (11" x 17")

Backing Paper /per foot  (Roll is 4' wide)

Binder Covers (front & back)
Binder Comb
Proclick Binder Spine
Laser printer/color
PosterPrinter Plus - large
PosterPrinter Plus - small
Dry-Mount Tissue  (per foot from roll)
Lamination per foot - per foot from rolls (Rolling Laminator or Press)
Xyron Cold Lamination - per ft
WFP poster color per foot
WFP poster black/white per foot


STRAWBEES poly sheets ( to make connectors) 
Replacement Borrower's Card
Overdue Book Fines (per day)
Large Buttons  size: 3 1/2"