Computing Facilities


The library has 105 public access workstations. The Hammes Information Commons (Library first floor) has 51 PC’s and 3 Mac’s. There are 3 more Mac’s in the Media Commons (Library first floor).

The second floor has 20 computers while Floor 3, 4 each hosts 12 PC workstations.

Each workstation in the library contains the Microsoft Office suite of programs.

Non-IU users can use the four designated dual-user workstations with a sign “Community/Campus Users”.

Two such computers are on the west side of the Hammes Information Commons on the first floor.  The other two are on the second floor. One is on the south side by the copy machine; the other is located in the middle of the west side.

For those who have special needs, please ask the lab-consultant for the access to the Adaptive Technology Room in the IC.

Media Players

Have you been assigned a video to watch for class? You can watch the video in the library. The Hammes Media Commons (first floor of the library) has three VHS/Blue Ray workstations. Additionally, some of the computer workstations throughout the library contain a built in CDROM drive and will play DVD’s. You can check out headphones at the circulation desk.

Videos placed on reserve by your instructor are available at the circulation desk of the Schurz Library. All other videos owned by the library are also available at the circulation desk. Videos on reserve are available for two hours; those not on reserve may be checked out for four days.

Last reviewed: 04/2020