Need a Video or DVD for Class?

Step 1

Check the Library Catalog (IUCAT) at:

  • If IU South Bend library owns a physical copy, check it out from the library for the class. You may call in advance to "reserve" the date you need. To do this, contact Kathy Plodowski (520-4380 or If you do this, please note that the video or DVD will be allowed to circulate up until 1 week before you have "reserved" the item.
  • If IU South Bend library owns it electronically, use the permalink to embed in Canvas
  • If IU South Bend library does not own the item - go to Step 2.

Step 2

Check IUCAT by searching ALL libraries. If the item is held in the ALF (auxiliary library facility) then use the Request This link on the screen to request item. If Bloomington owns in their Media Services collection, then fill out the request form at:

DVDs/ Videos need to be requested at least 7-10 days prior to date of showing.

When mailing DVDs/videos back, make sure that the return address tag, which comes with each video, is placed on the box for return to Bloomington. The box needs to be sealed with a good tape to prevent it from opening during shipment.

Drop into your campus mailbox and they will be retrieved and returned by mailroom staff.