Write/Research/Create, part 2: J.B. Adams Found that IU South Bend Literary Community has Helped Him Thrive


Name & major: Jon Adams (J.B. Adams) Majoring in English with a concentration in Literature, minoring in Creative Writing.

His Book: “My book, BUMP, is the story of six college students who, on the night of December 31, 1999, attend a college End of the World party, and subsequently participate in acts of vulgarity, beauty, and Shakespearian ritual that condemn many where only a few survive…”

Favorite library resource or service: “I am really into the interlibrary loan system. When researching for my next novel, or short story, I like to have certain books that may not be immediately on hand shipped to the library for my reading; this helps me cut down on cost and having to purchase so many books all the time.”

Favorite thing about IU South Bend:“The literary community is incredible here. Not only do you have some of the best authors and poets as faculty here on campus, you have peers who are also excellent writers and are willing to workshop their works with you, and vice-versa.”

Favorite thing about your department or major: “Pretty much the same as above, only, I would also like to add the aid that many of the English faculty give in nurturing and encouraging young writers. I would not have published my book had it not been for the inspiring words and teachings of Kelcey Ervick, Clayton Michaels, and Margaret Patton Chapman.”

Has your experience at IU South Bend helped you grow as a writer? If so, how? “Many hours of classes and lectures about the past and present writers, how they wrote from their lives, and how their lives have inspired new generations of readers and writers, has become the foundation of my writing. Knowing that these literary greats can make it in the world gives me hope, and encourages me daily into believing, I too can be a great writer someday, today.”

Photo and Poster Design by IU South Bend Student Leah Fick.

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