WRITE/RESEARCH/CREATE, pt. 5: Krista Cox “Would not be a writer if not for IUSB.”


Name and Major: Krista Cox, English major, creative writing concentration, European Studies minor

Her Poetry: “I’ve had poems published in a number of online and print publications — 17 poems in 2015, and 9 so far in 2016. Full details can be found on my website, http://kristacox.me

Favorite Library Resource or Service: “I find the vast resources available online tremendously helpful, especially as a nontraditional student who isn’t able to spend a lot of time on campus.”

Favorite thing about IU South Bend: “The professors, hands down. I have had so many who are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and talented. I’m consistently impressed.”

Favorite thing about her major: “Again, the professors! But, also Analecta and the English department writing awards are great resources that helped make the submission process less intimidating for me.”

Has Your Experience at IU South Bend helped you as a writer?: “I wouldn’t be a writer if not for IUSB, and specifically, David Dodd Lee. I had no interest in poetry until his A190 class in spring 2011. David’s passion and encouragement pushed me to keep reading, writing, and honing my craft. Now, I don’t know who I’d be if not a poet.”

Photo and Poster Design by IU South Bend Student Leah Fick.

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