WRITE/RESEARCH/CREATE, pt. 4: Lauren Steinhofer’s Professors have Helped her Grow as an Artist


Name and major: Lauren Steinhofer, Graphic design major, minor in painting and drawing

Her Artwork: “Door to the Soul, Eyes stacked,” mix of oil and tempura

Favorite Library Resource or Service: MAC laptops/GoPro

Favorite thing about IU South Bend: The professors, other students

Favorite thing about major: “Getting to create, relieving the excess thoughts that ooze from my ears.”

Has your experience at IU South Bend helped you grow as an artist?: Yes, Ron Monsma really showed me how to technically and efficiently draw and paint. Linda Freel made me find my passion. John Thompson gave me faith in myself.”

Photo and Poster Design by IU South Bend Student Leah Fick.

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