21st Century

Schurz Library, Reference Room, circa early 2000’s

Several changes occurred at both the Schurz Library and Learning Resource Center. A required information literacy course, Q110 was added to the General Education curriculum, which was taught both in person and online. Greater emphasis was placed on programming and outreach, with the addition of a Schurz Library Speaker Series, One Book/One Campus program and Library Prize for Undergraduate Research.  The Learning Resource Center actively reached out to the campus and public by offering workshops, tours, and open houses to showcase its many services and collections. Examples include the Early Childhood Conferences 1999-2011 held at IUSB campus and elementary student math camps in conjunction with South Bend School Corporation from 2013-2017. In 2007, the Learning Resource Commons’ name changed to the Educational Resource Commons to reflect its larger role.

That same year, Michele Russo became the first library director any IU regional campus to receive the title of Dean. She was succeeded by Dean Vicki Bloom in 2010.  Under her leadership, the Schurz Library celebrated its 25th anniversary (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZjy70b7c6w), began several digitization initiatives, ushered in a Scholarly Communications program, and expanded its assessment activities. The Schurz Library also received an endowed gift from emeritus professor of music David Barton and his wife, Evelyne “Evie” Barton in 2017 that honors David’s late mother who was a librarian.

Dean Vicki Bloom, with Kayla Sweet, Library Prize Winner, 2018