Library Serials Cancellation Project 2019-2020

Why we need to cut serials

Publishers of scholarly journals and databases levy price increases of 5-7% every year while our annual budget for these materials has remained mostly unchanged. Such an environment diminishes our purchasing power and creates a severe imbalance in the libraries' overall acquisitions efforts. Only by implementing significant cancelations are we going to balance our budget next year.  Sadly, these kind of projects are likely to be a recurring feature of the academic library landscape as long as publishers' raise their prices every year.

"According to Library Journal, serials inflation for US serial titles has increase 24.35% since 2013.

Since 1986, there has been a 521% increase in subscription costs for libraries."

Our approach

The preliminary list has more than the targeted amount of $75,000. The attached letter provides more details about current expenditures.

Subject librarians used the following criteria when compiling this list:

  • High cost, low-moderate use (use statistics represent full-text downloads in most cases)
  • Not directly supporting the curriculum
  • No full text provided
  • Only the most recent years are not available
  • Good coverage of topic in other resources