Films at IU South Bend Libraries for Faculty

IU South Bend Schurz Library offers a number of methods of obtaining films for course instruction.

Search for Films (DVD or Streaming)

Search IUCAT, the online catalog for Indiana University Libraries by title, subject, or keyword. To specify films, select 'Video & Film' on the left under the LIMIT option.

Film filter location

  • For streaming films, you can click on the link in the IUCAT record to view online. (An IUSB login may be required for off-campus access). You can embed the permalink to the film in Canvas. Please contact your subject librarian if you have questions about embedding a film in Canvas.
  • For DVDs, click on the 'Availability' button to retrieve the call number and location information. DVDs are located at the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the Schurz Library. They can be checked out to show during class or to place on course reserve.
  • To reserve a DVD for a class, please contact Kathy Plodowski (520-4380) with the date you need the DVD.
Requesting DVDs from other IU Campuses
  • For a DVD title not available on the IU South Bend campus, you may use the " Request This" button located in the IUCAT record to request films located in the Auxiliary Library Facility (ALF).
  • You may also request films available in the IU Bloomington Media Services Collection through this request form. Requesting films from the IU Bloomington campus may take 7 to 10 days for delivery.
  • Return films through campus mail. When returning DVDs, make sure that the return address tag, which comes with each video, is placed on the box for return to Bloomington. The box needs to be sealed with strong tape to prevent it from opening during shipment.
Requesting DVDs through Interlibrary Loan
  • If you need to show a specific film during class that is not available through existing resources on the IU South Bend campus, you may request the DVD through interlibrary loan.
  • Interlibrary loan needs at least 2 weeks advance notice to search availability. Many libraries do not lend DVDs and when they do, they often have a short loan length.
  • Please contact Maureen Kennedy (520-4433) if you have questions about obtaining a film through interlibrary loan.

Requesting Film Acquisition for the Collection (DVD or Streaming)

Faculty may request a purchase of a DVD or a leased or streamed version of a film for classroom purposes that is not available or currently leased through one of the subscribed platforms. An explanation of how the film supports coursework or instruction is required.

The library has agreements with several providers to lease streamed film content on a title-by-title basis, typically at a cost of $150.00/title for a one-year lease. Funds need to be available in the collection budget to lease or purchase a film, and it may take a week or longer to purchase a DVD or lease or purchase the streamed version.

A less expensive option to streaming is to obtain a DVD and show live during regularly scheduled classes using Zoom. Please note that any recording while showing a DVD with Zoom violates copyright.

Not all requested films may be available for purchase or lease.

In some cases, if a streamed version is unavailable, the library can contact a producer to ask for permission to digitize a DVD for use through course management systems. This more readily applies to documentaries than to feature films. Reaching out to the producer for permission to digitize a film can take four weeks or more, and does not guarantee the rights to stream.

Please contact your subject librarian to inquire about specific film titles not readily found in IUCAT or to request a film lease or purchase for the collection.

Available Streaming Film Resources

The library has subscriptions to several streamed film collections, which can be accessed both on and off-campus. Off-campus access will require a campus login. Films are searchable on the individual platforms or through IUCAT. A full list of the Library's streaming video collections can be found here.

Alexander Street Press (ASP) Multiple film titles available through annual subscription. Includes public performance rights.

Bates Visual Guide to Physical Examination Collection of videos for use in the health sciences. No public performance rights.

Digital Theatre Plus Contains text, video, and audio recordings of plays and interviews with actors, directors, and producers. Includes documentaries, lectures, and study guides.

Docuseek Numerous documentaries from Icarus and Bullfrog films, to name a few. Includes public performance rights.

Films on Demand (FoD) Large number of documentaries, along with theatrical productions from Broadway Digital Archive available through annual subscription. Includes public performance rights.

Kanopy Individually selected films leased for one-year. Include public performance rights. Offers large collection of award-winning films and documentaries. A list of currently leased Kanopy films can be found here.

Media Collections Online (MCO) is a service provided by IU Bloomington Library Technologies to support online access to video and audio collections. MCO provides access to many library, archival and other collections at IU. Training films for mental health professionals. No public performance rights.

Swank Individually selected films for classroom use only, leased for one-year. No public performance rights. Includes major Hollywood and independent hits.

Symptom Media Selected film titles to teach counseling skills. No public performance rights.

Public Performance Rights

Public performance rights come with many, but not all of our DVDs and streaming films. If you plan to show a film for a public event, not for use in a classroom for instructional purposes, please consult the campus event handbook or contact Susan Thomas, (574-520-5500) to ask if a film available through the library has public performance rights.

Additional Streaming Film Options for the Classroom

Faculty may consider asking students to obtain a reduced rate student Amazon Prime account or Netflix account, in order to view assigned films:

  • Student Amazon Prime may facilitate access to required course reading and viewing. Rates for eBooks may be less than campus bookstore purchases.
  • Netflix Documentaries (educational screenings of select films) requires existing Netflix account. Please carefully review their policy. Documentaries allowed under this policy will have the following on their details page:


Sources of Public-Licensed Audiovisual Works

The resources listed below offer films freely or through a creative commons license.

Digital Public Library of America: freely available media, images and other archival materials

Moving Image Archive (Internet Archive) –Contains a collection of films, images, audio, and texts that are in the public domain or have a creative commons license.

Vimeo - Creative Commons offers films licensed under one of the Creative Commons licenses. Please note that Vimeo has many films that are under copyright and are not licensed for open viewing.

Youtube offers many films that may be shown in class. If a film does not readily indicate rights to show to others, you may filter your search by Creative Commons license to find content with reuse rights. The FILTER link is located at the top left of the results.

Youtube filter location

Last reviewed: 10/2019