Procedures for Transfer of Campus Records

Help us preserve the history of the Indiana University South Bend by regularly sending records of historical and permanent value to the University Archives.  After consulting the Collecting Guidelines for different types of records, please follow these procedures for transferring materials to Archives. 

We ask you not to destroy records that have not been scheduled or covered by the guidelines.  Instead, consult the Dean of Library Services, Vicki Bloom or call 574-520-4392 to set up a transfer schedule.  She will be happy to answer your questions about any aspects of records management and retention.

  • When should I send materials to Archives?

    Records should be transferred annually. Twice a year the Archives Office will send reminders to each campus unit.

  • How should I send records?

    When you are ready to transfer records, notify the Archives Office.

    For Electronic Records:

    • Send materials as attachments to, or consult directly with, the Archivist at
    • Include the name of the office or person(s) who created the materials and the date span covered in the body of the email.

    For Print, Photos, and Media:

    • Obtain archival record center boxes from Archives.
    • Pack records in the order in which they are kept in the office.  
    • For materials kept in files, replace hanging file folders with regular manila files.  Maintain files in file folders that are labeled with folder titles and inclusive dates.
    • Create an inventory of each box and email as an attachment to
    • Label boxes in pencil.  If you are sending more than one box, number each box.  (e.g. Box 1 of 6)
    • Complete and sign the Transmittal/Inventory Form [PDF].
    • Include the Transmittal/Inventory Form in the first box.
  • Special circumstances

    Contact the Archivist if:

    • You have a large volume of records to send.
    • You detect the presence of mold, mildew, insects, etc., in your records.

    She will make arrangements to examine the materials on-site.