James Lewis Casaday Papers

  • Biographical Notes

    James Lewis Casaday (1907-1990) played a unique role in the life and culture of South Bend. Over a period of over 60 years, he mounted or participated in some 500 performances of school and community theatre groups. He brought to these performances a thorough knowledge of theatrical literature, high standards of production, a vivid, highly developed visual imagination, a love of music, “hands-on” abilities in costuming, a contagious enthusiasm, a strong interest in the artistic and personal development of his performers, and a unique, dominant personality. His impact on those who worked with him was very great.

    The grandson of William Lewis Casaday (1844-1910), founder of the South Bend Chilled Plow Company and holder of some 200 patents for various kinds of machinery, the young James Lewis grew up in his grandfather’s house surrounded by mementoes from a grander past. (His father, James Oliver Casaday- named for the great South Bend industrialist and friend of William Lewis- was less successful.

    More cultural influences were absorbed from his mother, Emma Myer Casaday, who was a talented seamstress; and his aunt, Ada Myer, a singer and lover of opera and theater who made an independent life for herself in Chicago as proprietor of a team room, and much later, after the death of James Oliver Casaday in the 1950’s, came to live with James and his mother. Both women were staunch Christian Scientists, with an expansive, positive concept of the universal mind which included all people.

    In addition to the strong influence of his family, the young Casaday absorbed the general culture of South Bend. In the years 1900-1930, the city brimmed with “live” theatrical performances and concerts by touring and local groups. There was a positive attitude toward the arts, literature and education among many. Included in this were Casaday’s teachers at South Bend Central High School- a place where artistic talents were enthusiastically nurtured.

    Casaday had a chance to refine and perfect his techniques at Williams College, in the Master’s summer theater programs at Iowa State University and elsewhere, and in his many early productions. Casaday came back to South Bend after graduation in the 1920’s and began a long career as a drama teacher in the South Bend public schools. He taught theater and worked with students at South Bend’s Central, Riley, and Adams High Schools. He also did much work with young people and theater in the Michiana area over the years, as well as helping to put on many adult productions in the area over the years of his life. Biographical sketches written at the time of his “Tributes” in the 1970s and at the time of his death outline the rest of history.

  • The Casaday Collections

    The papers donated to the IUSB Archives reveal a man single-mindedly pursuing his art, yet warmly attentive to people. They also disclose a man attached to continuity in many forms, including that provided by saving mementoes from the past. Casaday and his family filled the big, old house at 625 West Colfax Street with hundreds of thousands of items including books, pamphlets, periodicals, recordings, sheet music, scripts and scores, art, programs, clippings, photographs, travel memorabilia, correspondence, and mementoes of all kinds. In addition, the Casaday costume collection at Central High School grew to thousands of items.

    After Emma Casaday’s and Ada Myer’s deaths in the early 1970s, and his own retirement from the South Bend Schools in 1973, Casaday began to dispose of some of his massive collections. He gave part of the Costume Collection to the Northern Indiana Historical Society. Starting in 1972, he donated to the IUSB Library many of his books, scores, recordings, sheet music and programs. Acquisitions were overseen by Librarian (and later Archivist) Donna Harlan. Over the next 18 years, Casaday continued to donate items periodically. Many of the personal papers came in after Casaday’s move to an apartment in South Bend's North Shore Woods neighborhood in 1975, and some arrived after his death in 1990.

    For convenience’s sake, distinct collections have been created within the Casaday Theatre Collection, some to be treated as special collections, others archivally. The items inventoried here and considered archival include correspondence, photographs, family and history items, clippings, play production scrapbooks, posters, art, scripts and prompt books, original scores, programs of plays and operas in which Casaday was personally involved, and all sorts of other personal papers and artifacts.

    The wide assortment of published plays and other books, periodicals, sheet music, published scores, and the large playbill collection (including hundreds of playbills from Chicago, New York, and other major city theaters) are treated as special collections. The books in these collections have been almost entirely catalogued. The periodicals, scores, sheet music, playbills and other items have been incompletely catalogued or (in some cases) not at all. The entire collection of sound recordings, except for just a few items, was sold by the Library in 1991.

    This division between the locally interesting aspect of Casaday’s life and the publications of wider interest was suggested by Wisconsin State Archivist F. Gerald Ham, who was brought in to study the materials then on hand in the Library in the late 1970s or early 1980s.

  • Processing Notes

    Substantial organization of the archival collections was done by Donna Harlan in 1990. There were a number of volunteer and student helpers, including Martha Pickrell. Justine Kraft, a former Casaday student, worked with the correspondence in 1992-93. In 1995, the collections were culled, further organized and inventoried by Martha Pickrell. An index to the Casaday Productions also has been created. In 2005 Alison Stankrauff, the IUSB Archivist, has done further item-level inventories of various parts of the Casaday Collection with the help of student workers. Further, an item-level inventory has been done of the playbills that Casaday collected from his years of attending theater productions throughout Indiana, the U.S., and in Europe (as mentioned above).

    Dr. Ham’s earlier suggestions on culling the collections were followed to a degree in 1995, but not completely. Further culling of ephemeral materials may be desirable at a future date. On the other hand, additions to the correspondence, especially from 1970 on, would be highly desirable.

    Over the years, some other items that did not originate with the Casaday family but were related to such subjects as theatre, costume, and travel have found their way into the IUSB collection. Further identification and analysis must be done with some of these items.

    There are 4 items donated by the Pappas Sisters who were members of the South Bend Presbyterian Players with Deed of Gift, dated April 19, 2015. These items are in the Miscellaneous Professional Documents and Memorabilia, 1930 – 1990 Archival Box. Finding Aid is updated to reflect the addition these items by Archives Assistant, Sheila Smyth, April 2015.

  • Overall Organization of the James Lewis Casaday Papers

    The Papers are now organized as follows:

    • Community Tributes to JLC 1970, 1974 (1 Hollinger Box)

    • Clippings (2 Hollinger boxes)

    • Personal Photographs (2 Hollinger boxes, 1 Oversize box)

    • Family History and Memorabilia (2 Hollinger Boxes)

    • School and College Documents and Memorabilia, 1918-1929 (1 Hollinger box)

    • Personal Documents and Memorabilia, 1930-1990 (1 Hollinger box, 1 Oversize box)

    • Correspondence, c 1900-1990 (6 Hollinger boxes, 5 Archives storage boxes)

    • Travel Memorabilia (1 Hollinger box, 1 Archives Storage box)

    • Professional Documents and Memorabilia, 1930-1990 (1 Archives storage box)

    • Production Files and Scripts, 1922-87 (8 Archives Storage boxes, 1 Hollinger box, 1 special boxed item)

    • Production Scrapbooks (7 Oversize boxes)

    • Posters and Photo Collages (1 drawer, 1 shelf)

    • Art (2 Oversize boxes)

    • Costume and Design Scrapbooks and other materials(1 special boxed item, 2 Archives Storage boxes, 2 Oversize boxes, 1 large unboxed scrapbook)

    • Scrapbooks on Performers (1 Archives Storage box)

    • Awards (2 small Hollinger boxes, 1 Oversize box)

    • Miscellaneous Artifacts (2 Oversize boxes)

  • Community Tributes to James Lewis Casaday, 1970, 1974 (1 Hollinger box)

    On two occasions, Casadays’ friends in the community planned and carried out public tributes to him. The materials they put together give an overview of Casaday’s contribution to theatre in the South Bend area.

    On September 11, 1970, about 300 former students gathered under the auspices of Presbyterian Players and presented their verbal, dramatic, and written tributes. And on May 13, 1974, following Casaday’s retirement, a cross-section of the community put together a formal gala dinner, “An Evening with James Lewis Casaday,” which brought some 700 guests to Notre Dame’s Athletic and Convocation Center. Casaday was presented with an oil portrait (see Photographs).


    • Student Reunion, Sept. 11, 1970 Looseleaf notebook containing hundreds of letters from ex-students, script of presentation to Casaday

    • “An Evening with James Lewis Casaday,” May 13, 1974 Printed program/tribute booklet, “Mr. Theatre” (3 copies) Newspaper clippings, letterhead Bound book with guest signatures

  • Clippings (2 Hollinger Boxes)

    A selection from large numbers of clippings on Casaday’s life, friends and interests are included in the following two boxes. The items were saved by Casaday, by his mother and aunt, by friends, and by other contributors to the Casaday Collection at IUSB. The bulk of those dated after 1971 appear to have been saved by Casaday himself. In some cases, whole publications were saved, and the clipping was done in 1995. (More clippings are in the Production Files, Scrapbooks, and several other files.)

    Folder Listing

    Box 1

    Biographical/Professional Items

    • JLC Obituaries, 1990

    • JLC Biographical, 1930s-1980s

    • JLC Biographical, Leila Cook collection

    • JLC Biographical, Beaux Arts Balls, 1930s

    • Casaday Costume Collection

    • Ada Myer Biographical

    • Woodstock, IL

    • Iowa State University

    • Items on Friends of JLC

    • Miscellaneous items sent by Friends

    • Items on Robert O’Hearn

    • Items on Sydney Pollack

    Box 2

    Items Reflecting JLC’s Interests

    • Theatre

    • Ballet

    • Pantomiming

    • Opera

    • Film

    • Local Arts, Misc

    • Century Center

    • Central High School

    • South Bend Schools

    • Education, Miscellaneous

    • Local History/Historical Buildings- South Bend

    • Local History/History Buildings- New Carlisle

    • Environmental Issues

    • Miscellaneous

  • Photographs, circa 1880-1989 (2 Hollinger Boxes)

    The photographic record was obviously important to James Lewis Casaday. Hundreds of photographs came with the Casaday Papers. Many are contained in an album which appears to have been rather hastily put together for an occasion late in his life, perhaps his 80th birthday gathering in 1987. (This is an Oversize box). In 1995, others were filed approximately by date. More work must be done in identifying, arranging, sleeving, and inventorying these photos.

    In addition to the mostly personal items summarized here, there are hundreds of photos portraying Casaday’s productions in the Productions Files, Productions Scrapbooks, and Photo Collages.

    Folder Listing

    Box 1

    • Ada Myer and Emma Myer Casaday, Early Photos

    • Pages from an Old Photo Album

    • Miscellaneous Family Photos to circa 1920

    • Early Photos Needing Identification (2 Folders)

    • JLC to circa 1932

    • Friends, circa 1910-1919

    • Family, circa 1920-1939

    • Friends, circa 1920-1939

    • Classmates, South Bend High School Class of 1925 (some transferred from 1925 Secretary’s Book)

    • Photos Needing Identification, circa 1920-1939

    Box 2

    • JLC, circa 1950-1985

    • Portraits of JLC

    • Friends, circa 1940-1959

    • Tea House (summer home at Three Oaks), circa 1960-1980

    • Friends, circa 1970s-1980s

    • Friends, circa 1980s

    • Friends, 1983-1986

    • 80th Birthday, 1987

    • Friends, 1987-88

    • 82nd Birthday, 1989

    • Ray Family

    • Phyllis Borr

    • Larry Brucker

    Box 3 (Oversize)

    • Photo Album

      Photos, boyhood to 1980s, about 65 pages

      (Some 25 loose items were removed and filed in boxes in 1995)

      Damaged, pages coming out, handle with care

    • Album of Tintypes, c. 1880s--, 5 1/2 x 4 x 1 ?inches

      Needs Identifications

    • Photo of JLC, c. 1940, b & w, 9” x 7” in photographer’s folder

    • Photo of JLC, c. 1967, b & w, 10 ?#8221; x 14”

    • Williams College, Freshmen Class photo, panoramic photo

      JLC identifications of friends on reverse

      In 5 pieces, needs repair

    • Emma Myer Casaday, framed photo b & w, 8” x 10”, no glass, soiled

    • House, portion of mounted photo, needs identification, damaged

    • Oversize Performance Photos

      Blue Bird, SB Parks 1958, large rolled photo, needs professional treatment, inscriptions on reverse

      2 very large photos, b & w, 20” x 16”

      “G…Murray, The Grandfather Clock’s…”

      “The Clap… Tree, Fred McFaul”

  • Family History and Memorabilia, circa 1895 (2 Hollinger boxes)

    When the Casaday personal papers were presented to the IUSB Library, they contained a great deal of memorabilia of Casaday’s family, along with items on family history specifically researched by Casaday in his later years. These items have usefulness for study of Casaday’s life and family, as well as local history.

    Folder Listing

    Box 1

    • Family History, Miscellaneous

    • William Lewis Casaday, 1844-1910 (grandfather)

    • George F. Casaday, circa 1840 (great-uncle)

    • Fack-Myer Families (grandparents)

    • J. Oliver Casaday and Emma Myer Casaday,Marriage Certificate and License, 1903 (parents)

    • Copy of Deed, Residence, 322 S. Main Street, South Bend

    • Residence, 625 West Colfax Street, South Bend

    • James Oliver Casaday

    • Death of James Oliver Casaday, May 15, 1951

    • South Bend Chilled Plow Company, Blueprints, Catalog

    • South Bend Chilled Plow Company, Agreement with James Oliver Casaday, 1929-30

    • Emma Myer (Casaday), School Papers (includes “Macbeth”)

    • Emma Myer Casaday, Essays, Music, Religious Quotes

    Emma Myer Casaday, Address Book, House Inventory 1937 Box 2

    • Emma Myer Casaday, Miscellaneous Memorabilia

    • Emma Myer Casaday, Gift from JLC 1921: book Borrowings

    • Death of Emma Myer Casaday, August 4, 1970

    • Ada Myer, Chicago Memorabilia

    • Ada Myer, Travel Memorabilia

    • Ada Myer, Miscellaneous Memorabilia

    • Death of Ada Meyer, December 10, 1971

    • Christian Science Publications of Emma Myer Casaday, Ada Myer, JLC

    (See also: Miscellaneous Oversize Items)

  • School and College Items, 1918-1929 (1 Hollinger box)

    Much about Casaday’s social and educational environment can be learned from these items.

    Folder Listing

    • Early School Items (report cards, etc.) circa 1918-1921

    • South Bend High School, 1921-1925Williams College, 1925-1929

      • Miscellaneous Items (report cards, Interlude issue, etc.)
      • Graduation Items, May-June 1925
        Includes commencement invitations, graduates’ cards, prom program, etc.
      • Class of 1925 Secretary’s Book, March 1922- June 1925
        • Belonged to JLC’s teacher and class sponsor, LaVone Reynolds; presumably, she gave to JLC
        • Contains class minutes (by various secretaries), pasted-in pictures, notes, correspondence, programs, clippings, plus unpasted items (some later than 1925)
        • 1 page business record in back, some in JLC’s writing (he served as business manager during his junior year)
        (See Also: Casaday Design/Theatre Scrapbooks, 1920-1929 Photos)
      • Miscellaneous Items

      • Report card, programs, student directory, Graphic and Literary Monthly, January 1928, etc.

      • Items by Malcom Strauss

        Pseudoism, printed 1926; “Lady Blanche,” typed manuscripts.

      • Graduation Items, June 1929

      • Williams Record, issues from Volume 39 1925-26

      • Williams Record, issues from Volumes 40, 42, 43, 1926-1929

      • Alumni Publications/ Correspondence, 1955-1986

        Various items received from the College by JLC

      (Note: Items on JLC from Alumni Magazine are in Clippings/ JLC Biographical)

  • Miscellaneous Personal Memorabilia, c. 1930-1990 (1 Hollinger box)

    Folder Listing

    Box 1

    • Religious Quotes

    • Misc. Personal Items to circa 1950

    • Misc. Personal Items circa 1950-1973

    • Misc. Personal Items circa 1974-1990

    • South Bend High School, 50th Reunion 1975

    • South Bend High School, 50th Reunion 1975

    • Homeowner’s Policy/Inventory, 1986

    • Address Lists

    • Misc. Notes, from later years

    • Memorial Service March 2, 1970 Program

    • The Vision, History of South Bend High School 1911, presented to JLC by Grace Ginz, 1977

  • Sound Recordings (1 Hollinger box)

    A great lover of music, Casaday was an avid collector of commercial recordings. His hundreds of 78s and LP recordings are no longer in the IUSB Library’s Collections, but a list remains. Listed here are a few miscellaneous items that remain.

    For three additional recordings, see Miscellaneous Oversize Items.


    • The Far Princess, 2 large reel to reel tapes

    • Garbo, Dearest Enemy, 1 large reel to reel tape

    • Maryland, My Maryland (Victor Light Opera Co.), 1 small reel to reel tape

    • Envelope with clipping concerning Mary Fischer Show tape Aug. 23, 1980- tape is missing

    • Don Juan, 1 cassette

    • Babbitt, novel, 1 cassette

    • Hymns of Mary Baker Eddy, 1 cassette

    • Woman reading Christian Science sermons, 2 cassettes

    • Tape by Scott Martin (possibly for 1974 Tribute), 1 cassette

    • Lists of tapes of plays (no tapes)

  • Travel Memorabilia, circa 1900-1980s (1 Hollinger box, 1 Archives Storage box)

    Casaday enjoyed travel from his early years when the family paid visits to grandparents in California. Shorter trips to visit his aunt Ada in Chicago were frequent. Later, in 1954 and 1974, Casaday took lengthy tours of Europe.

    Some of the memorabilia Casaday, his mother, and his aunt collected on their travels has been organized in these files. (See also Family History and Memorabilia.) More analysis of the files, which were created by Donna Harlan, needs to be done in order to distinguish some of the non-Casaday items or to possibly release some of it into the general Library’s collections.


    Box 1

    • Black Postcards

    • 1954 Trip (part)

    Box 2

    • Travel Memorabilia and Maps

      • Organized by country

  • Miscellaenous Oversize Items


    • Recordings

      • Music from the Bicentennial Pinhook Pageant, 1976
      • Music from Ouanga, 1949, Josephine Curtis
      • Teresa Stratas, The Unknown Kurt Weill
    • Posters/Wall Decorations

      • Out of Africa, Sydney Pollack

      • Denmark Calenders, 1972, 1973

      • Scott Madsen Poster Book

      • 91st Psalm, printed on cardboard with decorative borders, was in envelope addressed to Carrie and Ada Myer

      • Leave It With Him

  • Correspondence, 1905-1990 (6 Hollinger boxes, 5 Archives Storage boxes)


    The thousands of letters and cards saved by James Lewis Casaday over the years were among the last items to be removed from his apartment and donated to the Casaday Collection at IUSB.

    In his letters, Casaday does not attempt to be literary. The letters are personal and immdediate, written at the quick pace of his thinking, and reflect his moods, his comforts and discomforts- and his growth as a person. They often display his infectious enthusiasm for beauty in its many forms, his sense of humor, and his kindness and consideration toward those he loved.

    Other people’s letters to him are also very revealing. They help document the close bonds he shared- with his mother, Emma Myer Casaday; his aunt, Ada Myer; his grandparents, Elias and Carrie Fack Myer, and with several very intimate friends who remained “with him” for many years, some until his death in 1990. Each of these valued people made significant contributions to his appreciation of life. His mother, for example, continually counseled him with her Christian Science views of the need for a calm, rational mind. In addition, hundreds of friends he made through his work in the theater- former students, community performers, patrons, and colleagues- wrote him periodically.

    In addition to letters to and from Casaday, there is some other correspondence of his mother, father, and aunt, beginning in the era of his youth. Some of these letters help set the scene of his childhood, and a number make reference to him.

    Since Casaday lived with his parents in South Bend (after his father’s death in 1951 with his widowed mother until her death in 1970), the correspondence between them is primarily confined to periods when he was away from home. During his student years at Williams College (1925-1929), he wrote home daily, and a great many of these letters have been preserved. There are frequent letters from home as well, from summer sessions at Woodstock, Illinois (1934), Manchester College (1938), and Iowa State University (1939-42, 1945-47), and from the six months he spent trying to break into the New York theater world (1937). In the summer of 1955, Casaday wrote almost daily during his extensive trip to Europe. And from about 1963 to 1970, he corresponded with his family in the summer months from the “Tea House”, his summer retreat at Three Oaks, Michigan.

    Since the letters were preserved in his own home, there are, unfortunately, almost no letters written by Casaday to his friends. After his mother’s death, the correspondence is almost all in-coming. It would be a valuable project to approach some of those who are still living who were close to him and see if they would be willing to donate to either originals or copies to the collection. Added letters to friends might also flesh out certain periods for which there is little correspondence at all.

    Some items of correspondence also are in the Community Tribute, Production and other files.

    Processing Notes

    The correspondence arrived at the Archives in relative disorder. In 1990, Donna Harlan, assisted by Martha Pickrell, roughly organized the bulk of the correspondence in two sequences: Family Correspondence and Miscellaneous Correspondence.

    In 1992-93, Justine Kraft, a former student of Casaday at Central High School, further organized most of the early family letters to and from Casaday, reading the correspondence and making notes of various events. In early 1995, Martha Pickrell finalized the organization, making a decision to unify all letters to and from Casaday into one sequence and uniting some undated letters.

    Processing is mostly complete for items before the mid-1970s; after that point, most letters have been left in envelopes for later effort. In all cases, groups of Christmas cards have been left in their envelopes and not organized by date.

    A number of items were enclosed with the letters and many of them have been retained in the files. They include college exam papers, clippings, programs, small fabric samples and plant specimens, religious literature, and other letters. (One of the reasons for combining the two sequences of letters is that others’ letters frequently were enclosed in the family correspondence.

    Undated letters have been placed in separate files, organized in such a way that the reader can use them to supplement reading in the dated files. With further work, no doubt some of these can be placed in the sequence.

  • Correspondence, 1995-1990 (continued)

    Box 1

    Correspondence of Casaday Family Excluding James Lewis

    Emma and James Oliver Casaday, undated

    Emma and James Oliver Casaday, 1905-1919

    Emma and James Oliver Casaday,1920-1923

    Emma and James Oliver Casaday, 1924-1925

    Emma and James Oliver Casaday, 1926-1929

    Emma and James Oliver Casaday,1930-1932

    Emma and James Oliver Casaday, 1933-1934

    Emma and James Oliver Casaday,1935-1939

    Emma and James Oliver Casaday,1940-1950

    Emma Casaday, 1951-1970

    Ada Myer, 1929-1971 (Correspondence other than with the James Oliver Casaday's)

    Box 2 and 3

    Correspondence of James Lewis Casaday

    Note: There is an item-level inventory of Box 2. Copies of this inventory are in the IUSB Archives files as well as in the box of materials itself.

    Family circa 1920s and Earlier

    Family circa 1930-1944

    Family circa 1945-1960

    Family circa 1961-1971

    Family Cards

    Non-Family, Early Years, Miscellaneous

    Friends, Alphabetical by Name (12 files)

    Non-Family circa 1976-1979 (approximately)

    Non-Family circa 1980-1985 (approximately)

    Non-Family circa 1986-88 (approximately)

    Miscellaneous (4 files)

    Boxes 4-11

    Correspondence of James Lewis Casaday

    Box 4

    1911 - 1919

    1920 - 1922

    1923 - 1934

    1925 January - September, October, November - December

    1926 January, February, March

    Box 5

    1926 April, May, June - September, October, November - December

    1927 January, February, March

    Box 6

    1927 April, May-July, August - October, November - December

    1928 January - August, September - December




    Box 7

    1932 -1933

    1934 - 1936

    1937 January - August, September - December

    1938 - 1939

    1940 - 1943


    1945 - 1946


    1948 - 1949

    1950 - 1953


    1955 - 1959

    1960 - 1964

    1965 - 1968


    1970 (See Also: Community Tribute)



    1973 February - August, September - December, December

    1974 January - April, May - December


    1976 January - May, June - July, August - September, October - November, December (2)

    Box 8

    1977 January - May, June - July, August - November, December (2)

    1978 January - April, May - June, July - November, December (3)

    1979 January - May, June - July, August - November, December (2)

    1980 January - July, August - November, December

    Box 9

    1981 January - May, June - July, August - December

    1982 January - May, June - July, August - November, December

    1983 January - May, June, July - November, December (3)

    1984 January - April, May - June, July - December

    1985 January - May, June, July - September, October - November, December (2)

    Box 10

    1986 January - May, June, July - September, October - November, December (3)

    1987 January - February, March - April, May, June (3), July - November,

    December (2)

    Box 11

    1988 August, September - October, November, December (4)

    1989 January - February, March, April - May, June (2), July, September - October, November, December (3)


  • Miscellaneous Professional Documents and Memorabilia, 1930 - 1990 (1 Archives Storage Box)

    These are various types of items pertaining to Casaday’s studies, teaching and theatrical work that do not fall within the category of a single production.

    Folder Listing

    • Student and Out-of-Town Work, 1934-1947

      • Woodstock, Illinois Todd School Catalog, circa 1934
      • Westchester, New York York Workshop material, 1937
      • Iowa State University, JLC Student Papers, 1945
      • Iowa State University, Program: Commencement items, 1947
      • Iowa State University, Articles by George Kernodle
      • Iowa State University, Miscellaneous Items
      • Cornell College Theatre, circa 1938
    • South Bend Community Schools, 1938 - 1973

      • Teaching Licenses, 1938 - 1944
      • South Bend Schools Booklet, That All May Learn
      • Miscellaneous Administrative Items
      • JLC’s Appointment Calendar, 1966
      • South Bend Central Schools and Central High School Directories
        (a few culled from a large group)
      • Central Barnstormers items
      • Includes clippings form Interlude
      • Central Student and Staff Reunions, booklets (not JLC’s)
      • Washington High School project, 1956 - 1957
      • Report and copy of architectural plans
        (Casaday served on committee)
      • Casaday Costume Collection, 1979 - 1983
    • Community Theatre Groups with Casaday Connections

      • Black Box Players/ Theatre Guild, 1930s
      • Summer Theatre Education Series
      • Administrative Items
      • South Bend Parks, Summer Drama Program 1950s
      • Administrative Items
      • Presbyterian Players, records and publicationsBound Play Script.Turner, Philip. Christ in the Concrete City. Baker’s Plays, 1983. Note: Play Performed by the Presbyterian Players in 1986.Ceramic Dish, Souvenir at the thirty-fifth anniversary of the Presbyterian Players (1945-1980).Two emblems of comedy and tragedy with ribbon of the Presbyterian Players down the center. Design created by James Borden, artist. Pin for Women. Tie Tack for Men. 
      • Country Playhouse
      • Century Center Theatre
      • Broadway Theatre League (Casaday served on the Board)
    • Miscellaneous Community Interests

      • South Bend Celebration of Indiana Sesquicentennial, 1966
        Includes Programs of 1916 and 1931 South Bend Pageants
      • South Bend Civic Center Committee, 1973
      • Palace Theatre
        Photograph, Booklet
      • Local Arts, Music, Libraries
        Various Memorabilia

      Production Aids
    • Indiana Theatre Association

      • Play Production Methods

      • Make-up Charts

      • Catalogs of Books

      • Catalogs of Music

      • Catalogs of Recordings

      • Catalogs of Play and Opera Scripts (3 folders)

        (Note: these may be of interest in their descriptions of plots)

  • Production Files, 1923 - 1927 (8 Archives Storage boxes, 1 Hollinger box)

    Much material was received pertaining to Casaday’s productions, including programs, photos, clippings, posters, tickets, scripts and prompt books, marked scores, art work, and other items. Some of the materials were mounted into scrapbooks and collages, but much of it needed to be filed in an accessible system. Donna Harlan created chronological files to allow study of Casaday’s development as a theatre professional, starting with high and college productions in which he sometimes participated as a costumer or actor rather than director. The number and variety of items per play varies a great deal.

    In 1995, additional items have been integrated into this series, including many scripts and prompt books. Items that cannot be tied to a performance (in many cases, fragments) are filed at the end of the series. More work is needed to further identify some of these items. In addition, there are some items that can be identified by name of performance, but need further dating. If they could be identified to a decade, they are filed at the start of the decade; if not, near the end of the series.

    In addition to the following inventory, names, dates and performing group for each production have been entered into the Index of Casaday Productions.

    Overall Listing

    • Box 1 1923 - 1939: Note: There is an item-level inventory of Box 2. Copies of this inventory are in the IUSB Archives files as well as in the box of materials itself.

    • Box 2 1940 - 1952

    • Box 3 1953 - 1962

    • Box 4 1963 - 1969

    • Box 5 1970 - 1977

    • Box 6 1978 - 1983

    • Box 7 1985 - 1987

      Undated Items (includes several original scripts)

    • Student Work

    • Box 8: Scripts and Production Notes, largely undated, although items that are dated are from the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1980s. Note: There is an item- level inventory of Box 2. Copies of this inventory are in the IUSB Archives files as well as in the box of materials itself.

    • Box 9 Production Photographs Needing Identification

    Production Files, 1923 - 1927 (continued)

    Detailed Listing

    *= Includes Script or Prompt Book

    **= Original Script or Music by James Lewis Casaday

    Box 1

    Wurzel - Flummery October 1923

    She Stoops to Conquer 1924

    Mary Go First January 1924

    Ruddigore, or, The Witches’ Curse March 1924

    Curio Shop December 1924

    Knave of Hearts February 1925

    Chimes of Normandy March 1925

    As You Like It March 1925

    Aranea** by JLC, Alfred Romer circa 1926

    The Rope, Two Crooks and a Lady, Rosalind November 1926

    Dancing Dolls, A Sunny Morning, The Farewell Supper Oct 1927

    Hamlet circa 1928

    Ala-Ed-Dinn** (see 1938) circa 1930 - 1936

    The Duchess Says Her Prayers & circa 1930 - 1936

    The Man with the Flower in his Mouth

    An Evening in a French Garden circa 1930 - 1936

    Night in Venice circa 1930 - 1936

    The Straw Hat circa 1930 - 1936

    Pinocchio circa 1930 - 1936

    Mistress of the Inn circa 1930 - 1936

    La Locondiera circa 1930 - 1936

    Fame & the Poet, Caprice & Maitre circa 1933 - 1938

    Pierre Patelin

    The Women Have Their Way circa 1933 - 1938

    Progress Club Music Fest circa 1931, 1936 or 1942

    The Art of Being Bored February 1930

    Two Vagabonds (Erminie) March 1930

    Alice in Wonderland April 1930

    De Temps en Temps May 1930

    Progress Club Follies January 1931

    The Rivals April - May 1931

    Arms & the Man November 1931

    Progress Club Follies** November 1931

    (See Also: Art Box 2)

    Much Ado About Nothing December 1931

    The Would-be Gentlemen February 1932

    (Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme)

    Blue Bird April 1932

    Theatre Guild Gaieties** May 1932

    At Mrs. Beam’s September 1932

    The Critic October - November 1932

    Bustling in Bavaria/Progress Club Follies November 1932

    Rose and the Ring December 1932

    Rose and the Ring Script*

    The Wizard of Oz February 1933

    Anatol March 1933

    The Imaginary Invalid (La Malade Imaginaire) March 1933

    The Medici May 1933

    The Merry Wives of Windsor May 1933

    The Fan September 1933

    Princess Ida October 1933

    Captain Henry Morgan, Esq. October-November 1933

    Twelfth Night November 1933

    Just As You Think Novemeber 1933

    The Grene Worme December 1933

    Sans Souci January 1934

    Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs February 1934

    The Passing of Time February 1934

    Faust March 1934

    The Devil’s Pipe April 1934

    Tom Thumb April - May 1934

    The Marriage of Figaro May 1934

    Gammer Gurton’s Needle September 1934

    A Hero, a Coward & a Fool November 1934

    The Snow Queen December 1934

    The Way of the World February 1935

    The Government Inspector March - April 1935

    The Bells of Corveville April 1935

    The Two Vagabonds (Erminie) May 1935

    The Gondoliers March 1936

    The Frantic Physician, or 3 drams of Matrimonium March 1936

    The Emperor’s New Clothes April 1936

    Wanted- a Widow* July 1935

    Puppets & People (The Rape of the Lock) October 1936

    Candida February 1937

    Joan of the Nancy Lee April 1937

    Hiawatha April 1937

    The Fire Prince March 1938

    The Nightingale March 1938

    Ala-Ed-Din April 1938

    Ala-Ed-Din scripts**

    Pageant of Art May 1938

    Bells of Capistrano November 1938

    As You Like It November 1938

    Gammer Gurton’s Needle December 1938

    The Crime at Blossoms December 1938

    Rumpelstiltzkin December 1938

    Gabriel and the Hour Book December 1938

    Christmas 1938 December 1938

    A Christmas Carol* December 1938

    The Streets of New York February 1939

    The Sorcerer March 1939

    Mother Goose Rhymes April 1939

    The Queen’s Enemies April 1939

    The Young Set May 1939

    The Dutch Mill June 1939

    Paul and the Blue Ox July 1939

    A Hundred Years Old July 1939

    Patience October 1939

    The Imaginary Invalid November 1939

    Box 2

    Hansel and Gretel circa 1941

    The Mystery at Greenfingers circa 1940-1941

    Torchbearers circa 1940s

    The Women Have Their Way circa 1940s

    Love of One’s Neighbor circa 1940s

    Four Legends of the Alhambra circa 1940

    The Mouse Trap, Medicine Show and a King circa 1940s

    The Romancers circa 1940s

    The Whitehead Boy circa 1940s

    Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast & Cinderella circa 1940s

    Tom Cobb 1940

    Beggar on Horseback circa January 1940

    The Doctor of Alcantara February 1940

    Little Women February 1940

    Fatinitza, or Ladies and Hussars April 1940

    Romance of Cinderella May 1940

    Pot-Pourri May 1940

    Don Juan June 1940

    American Landscape July 1940

    The College Widow November 1940

    The Fan November 1940

    The Ivory Door 1941

    Sans Gene March 1941

    The Times Have Changed/Central Revue October 1941

    Waltz Dream January 1942

    Chevalier Feathertop* March 1942

    The Merry Wives of Windsor April 1942

    Central Revue 1942

    The Straw Hat October 1942

    The Blue Bird December 1942

    From War to War/Riley Revue* 1943

    Vaudeville 1860 April 1943

    The Devil & Daniel Webster* April 1943

    --And Then/Central Revue September - October 1943

    Lo Ping and Ming Toy October 1943

    Lady Precious Stream November 1943

    The Dragon* 1944

    The Medici February 1944

    The Medici Script*

    The Elevator July 1944

    The Elevator, When the Wind Blows & Early Victorian July 1944

    Lady in Mauve/Central Revue October 1944

    The Phantom December 1944

    Leading the Life of Riley/Riley High School Revue February 1945

    Patience March 1945

    Peer Gynt April 1945

    Noah September 1945

    Under the Gaslight October 1945

    The Gingerbread Man December 1945

    Have a Heart/Central Revue February 1946

    The Gondoliers April 1946

    Atom and Eve October 1946

    Pinocchio November 1946

    Canterville Ghost December 1946

    Mother Goose & Rimes February 1947

    Mother Goose score**

    Cleo-or-the Lost Las February - March 1947

    Tobias and the Angel March 1947

    Katinka April 1947

    Katinka script*

    Our Hearts Were Young & Gay May 1947

    How Deep Is the Ocean/Central Revue September 1947

    Twelfth Night November 1947

    So What?/ Riley High School Revue February 1948

    The Firefly March 1948

    Florodora April 1948

    The Importance of Being Earnest May 1948

    The Importance of Being Earnest Script*

    The Rose and the Ring May 1948

    La Locandiera July 1948

    The Weathercook August 1948

    The Laughter of the Gods August 1948

    School Field Dedication September 1948

    Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines September 1948

    The Merchant of Yonkers November 1948

    Babes in Toyland December 1948

    Calendar/Muessel School Revue December 1948

    Sourwood Mountain January 1949

    A. Musing/Central Revue February 1949

    Off the Record/Muessel School Revue March 1949

    Danny Dick May 1949

    Ouanga* June 1949

    Let’s Talk Turkey/Central Revue November 1949

    The Steadfast Tin Soldier December 1949

    The Gingerbread Man December 1949

    The Story of Silent Night December 1949

    The Duchess Says Her Prayers circa 1950-1952

    Before the Flood circa 1950-1953

    Conn. Yankee in King Arthur’s Court circa 1950s

    Waltz Dream circa 1950s

    Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves* February 1950

    Wildflower March 1950

    Parlor Story April 1950

    Everyman May 1950

    The Red Mill* May 1950

    The Love of Three Oranges June 1950

    La Locandiera CHECK

    Angelique July 1950

    Angelique script*

    Naughty Marietta July-August 1950

    The Black Maskers* August 1950

    The Dragon September 1950

    The Bat September 1950

    Lady Precious Stream October 1950

    She Stoops to Conquer November 1950

    The Rivals March 1951

    The Mikado March 1951

    Includes group of art items

    Sweethearts April 1951

    Central Standard Time/Central Revue May 1951

    Aria da Capo, Before the Flood, and Riders to the Sea June 1951

    Gil Perez, the Galician The Prince of Pilsen July 1951

    Hassan August-September 1951

    Polly with a Past September 1951

    Tobias and the Angel October 1951

    Krazy Kat November 1951

    Right You Are! Script* January 1952

    Harvey February 1952

    The Seasons March 1952

    Serenade April 1952

    Lady in the Dark May 1952

    Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass May 1952

    Shall We Join the Ladies? May 1952

    Lackeys of the Moon June 1952

    The Vagabond King July 1952

    Summer Is a Comin’ In September 1952

    Under the Gaslight October 1952

    Two Gentlemen of Verona November 1952

    The College Widow December 1952

    Box 3

    King Dodo* March 1953

    The Sho-Gun March 1953

    Circus June 1953

    The Three-Cornered Hat June 1953

    The Three Cornered Hat Script*

    The Pink Lady* July 1953

    L’Aiglon September 1953

    Good News November 1953

    The Nutcracker* December 1953

    Le Coq d’Or 1954

    The Ivory Door February 1954

    The College Widow March 1954

    Rumpelstiltzkin March 1954

    High Jinks April 1954

    Lost Horizon May 1954

    The Romancers September 1954

    The Women Have Their Way October 1954

    Who’s Yere Who October 1954

    Carnival November 1954

    Amahl and the Night Visitors December 1954

    The Snow Queen* December 1954

    Pilgrim’s Progress March 1955

    Pygmalion April 1955

    The Liar June 1955

    Thieves’ Carnival July 1955

    Vegetable Parade July 1955

    The Happy Prince July 1955

    The Eagle Has Two Heads August - September 1955

    Madame Sans Gene October 1955

    Madame Sans Gene Script*

    Arms and the Man November 1955

    Twelve Dancing Princesses circa 1955-1956

    Robin Hood circa 1955-1956

    Sinbad/Central High School Revue 1956

    Babes in Toyland January 1956

    The Wizard of Oz February 1956

    Paint Your Wagon April 1956

    High Button Shoes* April 1956

    Knickerbocker Holiday May 1956

    Cinderella June 1956

    Snow White June 1956

    Peter Pan July 1956

    Alice in Wonderland July 1956

    Jack in the Beanstalk July 1956

    Lute Song July 1956

    Potawatomi Pageant July 1956

    Midsummer Night’s Dream August 1956

    The Weathercock September 1956

    The Count of Luxembourg November 1956

    The Thirteen Clocks December 1956

    Exit Mrs. McLurie circa 1957

    Danny Dither February 1957

    Sweeney Todd February 1957

    Carmen February 1957

    A Waltz Dream March 1957

    Les Precieuses Ridicules/ Genand Memorial April 1957

    Dear Miss Phoebe April 1957

    The Love of Three Oranges May 1957

    Aria Da Capo, Before the Flood, Riders to the Sea June 1957

    Bittersweet* July 1957

    Outer Space August 1957

    The Servant of Two Masters September 1957

    Tom Sawyer November 1957

    Old King Cole November 1957

    Good News February 1958

    Light up the Sky February 1958

    The Chalk Garden March 1958

    The Magic Flute March 1958

    Girl Crazy April 1958

    The Love of Don Peremplin in the Garden/ June-July 1958

    The Shoemaker’s Prodigious Wife

    The Blue Bird July 1958

    Shakuntala September 1958

    A Curious Mishap October 1958

    The Drummer November 1958

    Kittiwake Island December 1958

    Hit the Deck January 1959

    Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court March 1959

    Barbe-Bleu- Bluebeard June 1959

    Paint Your Wagon* July 1959

    Where’s Charley? November 1959

    A Night with Rudolf Friml circa 1960s

    Ruddigore; Or, the Witches’ Curse January 1960

    The Ivory Door February 1960

    The Gypsy Baron March-April 1960

    Annie, Get Your Gun April 1960

    Prunella May 1960

    Prunella Script*

    The Golden Apple July 1960

    Cyrano de Bergerac September 1960

    Mr. Barry’s Etchings October 1960

    The Magic Flute November 1960

    Monsieur Beaucaire February 1961

    Time Remembered March 1961

    Mille Modeste* March 1961

    Sherwood April 1961

    Salad Days June 1961

    Androcles and the Lion October 1961

    The Land of Smiles November 1961

    A-Lad-in-China/Riley High School Revue January 1962

    Sand and Steel/Central High School Revue February 1962

    Seventeen March 1962

    The Wizard of Oz April 1962

    The Wizard of Oz Script*

    A Night in Venice May 1962

    The Miser May 1962

    Ondine June 1962

    The Would-Be Gentlemen September 1962

    The Would-Be Gentlemen Script*

    The Feast of Ortolans September 1962

    Ramshackle Inn October 1962

    Danny Dither November 1962

    Annual Dinner Presbyterian Players December 1962

    Box 4

    The Blue Monster February 1963

    The Firefly* March 1963

    Significant Concerns…Easter Cantata April 1963

    A Winter’s Tale April 1963

    Leave It to Jane April 1963

    The Fantasticks June 1963

    The Liar September 1963

    A Kiss for Cinderella October 1963

    Polly with a Past October 1963

    The Far-Away Princess* November 1963

    The Mouse That Roared* November 1963

    The Sorcerer February 1964

    Music Festival Spring 1964

    Kiss Me, Kate May-June 1964

    Chanticler September 1964

    The Queen’s Comedy* November 1964

    Babes in Toyland December 1964

    Poe February 1965

    Poe Script*

    A Box of Monkey March 1965

    Salad Days March 1965

    Ruddigore April-May 1965

    The King and I June 1965

    The Fantasticks June-July 1965

    Paint Your Wagon Script July-August 1965

    “Paint Your Wagon Script”

    Riverwind August 1965

    Girl Crazy* August 1965

    Lute Song November 1965

    Tooth or Shave, Soldadera & Sunday January 1966

    Costs Five Pesos

    The Phantom Lady February 1966

    “The Phantom Lady” Script*

    The Streets of New York March 1966

    Around the World in 80 Days* May 1966

    Tom Thumb May 1966

    The Merry Wives of Windsor * August-September 1966

    Johnny Johnson November 1966

    Leave It to Jane December 1966

    The Glass Menagerie February 1967

    Aria da Capo March 1967

    St. Patrick & His Day March 1967

    The Charcoal Burner’s Son April 1967

    The Vagabond King June 1967

    Call Me Madam* August 1967

    The Imaginary Invalid November 1967

    The Mousetrap November-December 1967

    Oliver February 1968

    Blossom Time March 1968

    The Physician In Spite of Himself March 1968

    Alice 68 March 1968

    Blossom Time April 1968

    Happy Days October 1968

    Miranda November 1968

    Valley of Vision Music Festival December 1968

    Madrigal Dinner December 1968

    The Duchess Says Her Prayers and Mrs. Harper’s Bazaar January 1969

    You Never Know February 1969

    The Chocolate Soldier April 1969

    The Man with a Load of Mischief June 1969

    Barberine October 1969

    Abu Hassan* October 1969

    The Scarecrow November 1969

    Christmas Music Drama/ Riley High School December 1969

    Box 5

    Angelique February 1970

    Babes in Arms March 1970

    A Man for All Seasons April 1970

    Salad Days April 1970

    Salad Days Script*

    My Fair Lady May 1970

    Oh, Kay June 1970

    The Art of Being Bored September 1970

    The Phantom October 1970

    The Amorous Flea November 1979

    Motion & Commotion February 1971

    Walking Happy April 1971

    La Princess Lointine-Far Princess September 1971

    Far Princess Scrpts/Score*

    Mystery at Greenfingers October 1971

    Orpheus in the Underworld* November 1971

    Madrigal Dinner December 1971

    Queen of Hearts’ Party February 1972

    Bell, Book and Candle February 1972

    Little Mary Sunshine March 1972

    The Firebugs August 1972

    When Knighthood Was In Flower November 1972

    When Knighthood Was In Flower Script**

    Greenwillow March 1973

    Man of La Mancha* June 1973

    Production Files (continued)

    Box 5 (continued)

    Maryland, My Maryland June 1973

    Maryland, My Maryland script*

    Madrigal Dinner December 1974

    The Apple Tree February 1975

    Princess Jaune & Marriage by Lantern April 1975

    The Scarecrow September 1975

    Bicentennial Pinhook Pageant July 1976

    Bicentennial Pinhook Pageant publicity

    Bicentennial Pinhook Pageant scripts*

    Bicentennial Pinhook Pageant research/planning

    Lady in the Dark January 1977

    Brigadoon March 1977

    The Aspern Papers April 1977

    Judith September 1977

    Box 6

    Nude with Violin March 1978

    The Afternoon of a Naughty Boy May 1978

    La Casa Nova September 1978

    Madrigal Dinner December 1978

    Tribute to D.A.D. June 1979

    Tribute to D.A.D. Script*

    A Matter of Style (The Scheming Lieutenant) September 1979

    A Matter of Style (The Scheming Lieutenant) Script*

    A Christmas Yet to Come circa 1980s

    The King and I June 1980

    Woodland April 1981

    Woodland Script*

    The School for Scandal August - September 1981

    School for Scandal Notebook*

    Blue Beard February 1982

    Blue Beard Scripts, Scores*

    Don Juan August-September 1982

    The Funeral* Summer of 1983

    The Critic August 1983

    Box 7

    Ada, Emma, & James August 1985

    Ada, Emma, & James Scripts**

    Robin Hood July 1987

    Performance Items/ Scripts yet to be dated

    The Dance of Death*

    The Dragon’s Fire

    How to Friends (Le Monde ou l’On s’Amuse)

    Gooseberry Mandarin**


    Film Script: Shake Down the Thunder*


    Village with One Gentlemen*

    Opera Viennese**

    Cover contains original JLC art

    Mary Christmas**

    The King of the Dark Chamber

    Cinderella (Skit)**

    Catching Kress Kringle**

    All in a Fog*

    Sarah, the Creole**

    Papers of Casaday Students

    11 items

  • Production Scrapbooks

    There are 23 scrapbooks containing Casaday production memorabilia: photographs, programs, clippings, posters. Some of these may have been put together by Casaday or by his relatives; however, other people appear to have a hand in compiling some of them.

    The following pages contain detailed inventories done under the direction of Donna Harlan, as well as a few completed at the time these boxes were organized in 1995. More work should be done in identifying some of the people some of the people pictured in the scrapbooks.

    Overall Listing

    • Box 1 Scrapbooks 1, 2 Central High School

    • Box 2 Scrapbooks 3, 4 Central High School

    • Box 3 Scrapbooks 5-9 Riley High School

    • Box 4 Scrapbooks 10-14 Riley High School, Summer Theatre Education Series

    • Box 5 Scrapbooks 15-18 Summer Theatre Education Series, Presbyterian Players, Miscellaneous

    • Box 6 Scrapbooks 19-21 Presbyterian Players, Iowa, Miscellaneous

    • Box 7 Scrapbooks 22-23 Photo Album; Harriet Hazinski

  • Scripts and Barnstormers Records in WL Casadsay Record Book Book, 14” x 8 ?#8221; x 1 ?#8221;, in Special Box

    This unique artifact consists of two typewritten drafts of scripts pasted in a partially filled book of the William Lewis Casasday Manufacturing Company, with data concerning the Barnstormers, the dramatic club Casaday founded at Central High School. The book is in fragile condition, with pages coming out; it also is lacking leather on its spine and has been placed in a special, protective box. The following is a partial description of the book’s contents.

    Combined Record book, William Lewis Casaday Manufacturing. Company 1903: page 2, list of stockholders; page 26- Minutes of first stockholders’ meeting; page 170-71, record of stock; other notations in book, some covered by script drafts.

    Play scripts drafts, with many corrections, pasted over much of the book: Pilgrims Progress (1955 Production, possibly); The Lady in Mauve (Central High School Revue, 1944)

    Barnstormers’ Records: page 41, minutes; page 48, 169, lists of members; page 242, 339-355, lists of people.

  • Photo Collages from Productions, 1949 - 1969

    Presumably, Casasday’s students at Riley High School had these made up for presentation to Casasday after a performance, or for other display purposes. Most are framed. They contain photos and programs of the production.


    Framed Collages 31 1/2” x 21 1/2”

    • Gingerbread Man, Riley High School 1949

    • Pygmalion and Pilgrim’s Progress, Riley/South Bend Schools 1954-55

    • Babes in Toyland, Riley High School 1956

    • Annie Get Your Gun, Riley High School 1960

    • The Firefly, Riley High School 1963

    • Chocolate Soldier, Riley High School 1969 (larger; glass broken)

    Unframed Collages (approximately the same size)

    • Streets of New York, Riley High Scool 1966

    • Happy Days, Riley High School 1968

  • Production Posters, 1930-1985 (Filed in Archives' Map Case)

    These are oversize items saved by Casaday and his associates over the years. Production files contain additional posters.


    Central High School

    • The Goose Hangs High, 1930

    • Sans Gene, 1941

    • Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, 1950

    • Under the Gaslight, 1952

    • Mr. Barry’s Etchings, 1953

    • Arms and the Man, 1955

    • (Sardou’s) Scrap of Paper, 1957

    • Girl Crazy, 1958

    • The Drummer, 1958

    • Sherwood, 1961

    • Sand the Steel/Revue, 1962

    • The Miser, 1962

    • The Blue Monster, 1963

    • Leave it to Jane, 1963

    • Johnny Johnson, 1966

    • The Mousetrap, 1967

    • Alice 68, 1968

    • The Patriots, (no date)

    • Central 1874-1970

    • Barnstormers (no date)

    Riley High School

    • The Nutcracker, 1953

    • The Snow Queen, 1954

    • The Phantom, 1970

    Adams High School

    • Katinka, 1947

    • The Dragon, 1950

    All-Schools Production

    • Everyman, 1950

    • Pilgrim’s Progress, 1955

    • Good News, 1958

    Summer Theatre Education Series

    • Laughter of the Gods, 1948

    • Hassan, 1951

    • Three Lorca Plays, 1958

    • Ondine, 1962

    • Chanticler, 1964

    • The Art of Being Bored, 1970

    • Don Juan, 1970

    • La Princesses Lontaine, 1971

    • Maryland, My Maryland, 1974

    • The Scarecrow, 1975

    • Judith, 1977

    • La Casa Nova, 1978

    • A Matter of Style, 1979

    • The School for Scandal, 1981

    • Ada, Ema, and James, 1985

    Burleigh Music Association

    • The Emperor’s Clothes, 1953

    Presbyterian Players

    • The Ivory Door, 1960

    • Oh Kay!, 1970

  • Art Work (2 Oversize boxes)

    Most of these items are paintings and drawings by Casaday himself. He enjoyed drawing human figures, especially women, and, with a fashion-designer’s eye, created color schemes and costumes for them. In 1928 and 1929, he did an extensive series of paintings of women’s heads, using many combinations of color and style, and giving them imaginative titles. (Possibly these were done for a college project). In his theatre courses, Casaday also did some designs for state settings.

    Other artists represented include Jane Swensen, who created posters, costume designs and other art work for the Black Box Productions in the 1930s, as well as a charcoal drawing of James Lewis Casaday himself; South Bend artist Jack Appleton, who presented Casaday with a drawing of the Casaday house at 625 West Colfax Street; and “THB”, who did a meticulous drawing of a bulldog.

    The first box (black) was organized by Donna Harlan; the second box was done organized in 1995 by Martha Pickrell. But more organizing identification is needed.


    Items are original art unless otherwise specified

    Box 1


    • Poinciana

    • Colortext World (2)

    • Story Map of England/Scotland (2)

    • Black and White photo engravings of 3 Women (possibly one of movie actress Greta Garbo)

    • Peter Sonnavater’s Disgrace at Stockholm, Engraving

    • Dancing animal print, inscription from George Roeger and Tom Lee, April

    • 1988

    • 2 Harlequins in costume

    Figures in Costume (possibly by Casaday)

    • “Bandit”

    • “Anna”

    • “Tobias”

    • “Angel”

    • “Porte”

    • “Bridegroom”

    • “Tobit”

    • “Raquel”

    • 3 untitled

    3 Drawings of Women (possibly by Casaday)


    2 untitled

    Paintings by JLC

    “Spotted” (woman, green, white hair) 1929

    No title (woman, violet, blue hair)

    “Zephyretta” (woman, violet)

    “Frost” (woman, gray on gray) 1928

    No title (girl dancing) 1929

    “L’Hiver” (woman, white on gray) 1929

    Drawings of Legs (possibly by Casaday)

    • “The Yellow Peril” (woman, bald, black/orange) 1929

    • “Le Coq d’Or,” “Cockerel”(harlequin on orange) 1929

    • “Tornado” (woman, purple, pink, black)

    • “La Force” (woman, green, yellow, red, black) 1929

    • “Of Mellow Moon and Willow Trees” (woman, violet) 1929

    • Untitled (woman, cream, yellow, light green) 1929

    • “A Dinosaur” (animal, yellow antlers) 1928

    • “Queen Elizabeth, Lady Jane, Mary Stuart, Elizabeth”

      (woman, superimposed faces)

    Drawing by Jane Swensen

    • Woman in medieval costume - charcoal

    Paintings by JLC (continued)

    • Untitled (small woman dancing, red, green, yellow) 1929

    • Untitled (small woman dancing, violet, green) 1929

    • “L’Autome” (woman, white face, black hair) 1929

    • “Salon” (woman, cream face, red hair, yellow, brown) 1929

    • “Egyptian but of Unknown Dynasty” (woman, gray face) 1929

    • “Young but of the World” (woman, cream, black hair) 1929

    • “Shot Gundersen” (monster-man, gray/brown clothes) 1929

      (3 different paintings)

    • “Scheherezade” (woman, cream, blue hot, on white) 1929

    • Untitled (monster face, blue background) 1929

    • “Lady Alice from Hearts Enduring by John Erskine”

      (woman, gray, green and white background) 1929

    • “Fantasy” (woman, huge pink collar, chartreuse) 1929

    • Untitled (woman in black, greenish face) 1929

    • “The Memory of…” (woman, pale green, eyes closed) 1929

    • “A hodgepodge more or less of Chinese” (woman in orange turban) 1958

    • Untitled (woman, full length, gold dress) 1929

    • Untitled (woman, full length, checked skirts) 1929

    • “Le Monde” (woman, drawing) 1939

    • “Keats’ Lamia” (woman, red headdress on violet/blue) 1929

    • “Carnival” (abstract, woman, orange hair, yellow, blue)

    • “Not as Young but More of the World”

      (woman, yellow face, fuchsia clothes) 1929

    • “Fire” (woman, bright pink hair, blue sleeve) 1929

    • “Foam” (woman, green on green) 1929

    • “A Byzantine Madonna” (woman, light blue/white face on violet/blue) 1928

    • “Lusete” (woman, peach, green skin, black hair) 1929

    • “Just Nice” (woman, cream face, auburn hair on pink) 1929

    • “Night” (woman, green, striped hair & color, on green)

    • “Pure-but sophisticated” (woman, green, blue hair, gold dress) 1929

    • “The Wife of Don Quixote” (woman, older, violet face) 1929

    Spatter Painting, no i.d.

    Painting most likely by (R.O.?) Riis Owre (a college friend)

    Sphinx, monument, palms

    Paintings by JLC (continued)

    “Betty Babcock or Pastels”

    (woman, light green face, green hair and gown) 1929

    Sketch by JLC (possibly)

    Gray buildings, sketch for scenery

    Box 2

    JLC Painting

    Cover for his script of “At the Blue Bun”, “Progress Club Follies”, November 1931 (script moved to Production File)

    (woman in blue, front and back cover, oversize)

    Tree Sketch (possibly by JLC)

    Small Set Design (possibly by JLC)

    “This Bull Ate Nutmeg”

    Packet of Art (mostly by JLC)

    • Includes drawings and paintings of stage settings, costumes, color palette, etc.

    • Includes 5 of JLC’s woman paintings:

      Untitled (woman in green, smoking) 1929

      “Jetta Goudal” (woman, cream, black hair, white dress) 1929

      Untitled (woman, white on green, unfinished)

      Untitled (red/orange scarf) (oversize-very long)


    • Sketch by Jane Swensen (matches Script page act 1 - removed from a scrapbook)

    • Pastel costume sketches (possibly by JLC)

      “Crispissa (woman)

      “Brilliante” (woman)

      “Momentella” (woman)

      “Ariel” (man)

    • Painted designs for stage settings:

      “House of Connelly”

      “Bird in Hand”

      “Petrified Forest”

      “Ah, Wilderness”

    • Drawings for state settings (appear to be for work at Iowa State)

      “George Washington Slept Here”

      “Mystery at Greenfingers”

    Print, Pastel

    • “Breton Schoolgirls”

    Additional Art by James Swenson

    • Drawing of James Lewis Casaday, profile (charcoal)

    • “Sans Souci” (2 charcoals)

    • Poster for “Ye Greene Worme”

    Drawing by Jack Appleton

    Line drawing, house at 625 W. Colfax Street, South Bend

    (fragile; has been encapsulated 1995)

    Drawing by T H P

    Bulldog face, matted, “Sept. 2, 1938”

    Four small, colored prints by Ethel Dismunkis

    Southern scenes, probably belonged to Ada Casaday

    Print by Scott Kiefer

    Home of U.S. Grant

    Print by Kath Vogler

    South Bend Central High School

    Print of Williams College

    Williams College, West College (matted, small)

    Folder of Miscellany

    • Contains Casaday paintings:

      “Snowflakes” (woman, full length, in white)

      Untitled (woman, green face, harlequin hat)

      Untitled (woman, gray, with scarves, dancing)

    • “Umbriel” (drawing)

    • 2 Old hand-colored fashion engravings

    • Large print, mounted, of medieval girl

    • Booklet from National Park Academy, belonged to Janet E. Crouse

    • Painting, F. Hay-Knight, 1931

    • Cut-out drawing of woman's face, appears to be by JLC

    • Old Harper’s Magazine

    • Printed lace patterns

    For Art, See Also:

    JLC Theatre/Costume Scrapbook 1920-1929

    Production Files, Box 2, The Mikado 1951

  • Miscellaneous Pictorial Items on Costume/Setting (1 Archives Storage box)

    This portion of items was put together in one in 1995 after sorting some miscellaneous artifacts in the collection. The pictures, “costume cards”, and magazines were apparently kept because they inspired designs for costumes and stage settings. Very similar items are pasted in Casaday’s Design/Theatre scrapbooks from 1922-1929.

    The box contains a group of black and white prints of drawings of Shakespeare plays mounted on black sheets as if in a scrapbook.

    There may be some items included that were not received from Casaday.

  • Items on Costume and Sewing (2 Oversize boxes)

    This part of the collection is made up of items saved by James Lewis Casaday, Emma Myer Casaday, Ada Myer, and Bess Crouse - mother of Janet Allen.

    As of 1995, the items were unsorted and unorganized.

  • Costume Course Scrapbooks (1 Archives Storage box)

    It is not presently clear how these items relate to Casaday. However, there is a full item-level inventory of this box. Copies of the inventory in the Archives?files as well as in the box itself.


    • 4 Scrapbooks for History of Costume course, University of Wisconsin, c. 1940s (these are possibly from Janet Allen)

    • 1 Scrapbook on International Costume, Evelyn Komasinski

    • 1 Book bound mimeographed sheets, “History of Costume”

  • Casaday’s Early Design/Theatre Scrapbooks, circa 1920 - 1929 (1 Scrapbook in Special Box, 1 unboxed Scrapbook)

    In high school and college, Casaday began clipping pictures of costumes and stage setting designs that appealed to his imagination. He also collected programs and clippings on plays and other performances he attended and various articles on the theatre. Some of these were pasted into scrapbooks, for which Casaday used his father’s old business record books. At Williams College, as his correspondence indicates, Casaday did a scrapbook project for at least one of his classes.


    • Scrapbook, circa 1922 - 1925, 15 1/2 x 10 x 1/2 inches (in special box)

      In old business ledger

      Contains pictures of costume and settings; professional theatre playbills from South Bend during that time period

      Page 1 contains high school memorabilia: two prom programs (1924, 1925), clipping on prom, bill for flowers.

      Page 5 contains Rotagravure feature on High School production “She Stoops to Conquer” (1924)

      Note: Volume is damaged

    • Scrapbook, circa 1920-1929, 16 1/4 x 11 1/4 x 3 1/4 inches (orange)

      First leaf inscribed “James Casaday ‘29”

      Book was formerly an Invoice Register/Classification of sales book for the W.L. Casaday Manufacturing Company; contains a few accounts, 1904-06

      Contains pictures of costume and settings, clippings about theatre and theatre design, circa 1920-1929; art on first leaf by “F A Hopkins 28”.

      Pages 186-194 contain playbills of various theatres in South Bend, Chicago, New York, 1920-1929, includes South Bend High School production, November 1929

      Pages 198 List of Little Theatre plays at Williams College.

  • Scrapbooks on Theatre and Opera Personalities, circa 1885 - 1940 (1 Archives Storage Box)

    Some of these are problematical as to origin. Further study may confirm whether they were done by James Lewis Casaday, his aunt Ada, or another person.


    • Scrapbook of Ethel Crockett Fuller, circa 1885 - 1940

      Black, 12 1/8 x 10 x 1 1/2 inches, in special box

      Collection of pictures of famous actors and opera singers, all named

      Presented by Casaday to Donna Harlan, June 23, 1984

      Includes letter: “This scrapbook was compiled by Ethel Crockett Fuller, sister of Charles Crockett of Stock Company actors of the late 19th century. Edna Crockett (Summers) gave this to me in the 1940s. Her daughter Elizabeth Crockett Ray did not want it any longer… so I have handed it to Donna Harlan to be used with an old History of the legitimate theatre…”

      In Special box.

    • Scrapbook, circa 1885 - 1930

      12 1/4 x 10 x 2 1/4 inches, marble design cover, black leather corners and spine.

      Unfinished, could possibly belong to Ada Myer.

      Pictures of opera and music personalities, including composers and musicians.


    • Two Scrapbooks, circa 1930’s, both 8 1/2 x 11 inches, no covers

      One labeled “Other Notable Personalities”

  • Miscellaneous Awards, Diplomas, Certificates, 1925 - 1988 (1 Oversize box, 1 small Hollinger box)

    These items were organized and first inventoried in 1990; a few items were added in 1995.


    Box 1 (Oversize box)

    Diploma, South Bend High School, 1925

    17 x 22”, with ribbon, soiled

    Diploma, Williams College, 1929

    15 x 19”, parchment, was rolled

    Diploma, Iowa State University, Master’s Degree, 1947

    6 x 7 1/4”, in cover

    Certificate, South Bend Civic Planning Association, January 26, 1956

    Award of Merit for special teacher, drama production

    Framed, 9 1/4 x 11 3/4” including frame, glassed

    Progress Club Award, Nov. 9, 1963

    8 x 10”, damaged, parchment with gold paper seal

    Related clipping placed in Clippings, Box 1

    Certificate from Presbyterian Players, (no date)

    5 ?x 8 ?#8217;

    Certificate from Central Junior./Senior. High School, April 22, 1970

    8 ?x 11, parchment

    Governor’s Commendation signed by Governor Bowen, no date

    For upgrading drama programs, theater education

    Framed, 17 x 13 including frame; stained

    Commission, Indiana Comm. For Arts/Humanities, July 19, 1971

    Signed by Governor Bowen

    Indiana State Teachers Retirement Fund, October 1, 1973

    8 1/2 x 11”, parchment

    Official Proclamation, Mayor of South Bend, James Lewis Casaday

    April 26, 1974, signed by Jerry Miller

    Framed, 15 x 12”, glassed with seal

    Community Service Award, St. Mary’s College, 1974

    Plaque, 10 1/8” sq., white ceramic/wood/brass plates

    Certificate, Daughters of the American Revolution, September 17 1976

    For service in Bicentennial

    Framed, 8 1/4 x 10 1/4 #8221; including frame, glassed

    Certificate, Michiana Opera Guild, January 13, 1980

    Membership and announcement of dedication of opera to JLC

    Small slip of paper in envelope

    Exhibit Sign, South Bend Art Center, October 26-Dec. 14, 1980

    Costume Collection, with dedication to JLC, lettered

    Framed, 13 3/4 x 17” including frame, glassed

    Plaque, Century Productions, Century Center February 1982

    11 1/2 x 9”

    Plaque, South Bend School Boosters Hall of Fame, May 30, 1987

    12 1/2 x 9 1/4”, brass/black, metal/wood, ornate corners

    Certificate, South Bend Bicentennial of US Constitution, 1987

    8 1/2 x 11”

    Youth Mentor Award, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, 1988

    Plaque, 9 x 7 1/2 #8221;, brass/black metal on wood

    Box 2 (small Hollinger box)

    Pin tie tack, South Bend Community Schools 35 Years

    One half inch around, gold, lamp design, in plastic box

    Key to City of South Bend pin

    2” long, brass colored, in small plastic case

    Key to City of South Bend, Mayor Peter J. Nemeth

    7” long gold color key in black case

    Key to City of South Bend, Mayor Jerry Miller, circa 1974

    7” long similar to above, in blue case

    Award of Excellence, American College Theatre Festival, 1976

    Medal, 2 1/2#8221; around, mask design, Kennedy Center on reverse, in case

    Plaque, Indiana Theatre Association, 1982

    7 1/2 x 5 1/4”, brass color/black on wood, mask design

  • Miscellaneous Artifacts (2 Oversize boxes, 1 small Hollinger box, unboxed items)

    These items were organized and first inventoried in 1990. Further evaluation might be done to see if all of them need to be kept by the Archives.


    Box 1 (Oversize)

    Small Clothing and Accessory Items

    2 eyeglass lenses in envelopes

    2 fragments eyeglass frames, tortoise shell

    3 swatches suit fabrics, 2 gray, 1 brown

    Shoehorn, metal

    Nail clipper, spring type

    Garter, gray

    Handkerchief, beige, cotton

    Red Napkin or handkerchief, name lettered in corner, 14 ?sq. inches

    “SB” fabric letter, wool on canvas-type backing, high school, purple and orange, 7x6 inches

    Brush, 3 1/2 inches long, metal handle

    Toothbrush, PMR, white

    Lands End small packet extra yarn, violet-gray

    Brass plate with engraved lettering of JLC name used to make calling cards,

    3 ?x 1 1/2 inches

    Weighed cord, 18 inches long, may be used to keep book open

    Stuffed neck-pillow made of towel, blue, knitted corduroy

    Key to garage door in envelope

    2 small keys, one with tag “small lock box”

    Letter opener, slender, metal with ivory handle, engraved “Germany”

    Items possibly used in costume-making, makeup, etc.

    Small wooden ruler, 6 inches long, PJ Luth, New York

    Small black silk box tie

    Piece of leather, gray, in envelopes with red and black marks

    Bag of buttons, purple, blue, black, brown

    Package Wostenholm’s needles

    2 bobbins, one filled with red thread

    Black fastener, fabric covered

    A few pins and needles

    Maroon plastic box with felt on outside for bobbins and needles, 3 ?sq. inches

    2 feathers, probably “quill pen” props; 1 real, black/white, 10 1/2 inches long; 1 pink velvet, 13 1/2 inches long

    Brush, possibly for shaving, wooden handle, used for makeup, blue and green

    Pincushion, made in China, 5 point star shape, 4 1/2 inches around

    Package of 8 items, thin brass color metal, horn shaped at bottom tapering to thin arch at top

    Miscellaneous Decorative Items, Keepsakes from Travels

    Jar of Tiger Balm

    Red dragon pin, 2 inches around, white/green background

    Painted wooden spoon, brown/red, 7 1/2 inches long, in 2 pieces

    Piece of ornate wood molding, gold painted, 3 1/4 inches long

    Match box, papered in blue pattern, gold paper, JLC initials, 11 1/2 inches long, contains matches

    Octagonal metal box, ornate white, yellow, purple, blue, red design, 4 3/4 x 2 5/8 inches high

    Tootsie Toy Tornado Car Toy, blue, 2 1/2 inches long

    Metropolitan Museum of Art folder, red cover with butterfly design, deep yellow canvas lining with pockets, 14 3/4 inches long, opens to 19 1/4 inches wide

    Pebble, 1 inch, possibly from Lake Michigan.

    Candle holder, brass-color square stand with leaf pattern, multi-colored jewel circles with black “vines”, 5 inches high

    Christmas Decorations, fabric, some made by JLC, circa 1980s

    3 white miniature baskets, needlepoint over plastic frame, red/green design, 3 1/2 inches, with handles, lettering

    Tree ornament, red border, red/white/green design, needlepoint on plastic frame, 3 1/2 square inches; letter c

    Hanging with letters “NOEL”, green border and letters, white background, needlepoint, on plastic frame 9 1/2 x 3 1/4

    Door decoration with jingle bells, knit, 6 circles and braiding, red/green/white, 21 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches

    Christmas stocking, knit, red/green with white pompoms, 27 inches long

    2 white snowflakes, needlepoint over plastic frame, with sequins, 3 1/2 inches

    Box 2 (Oversize box)

    Large laurel wreath

    Box 3 (small Hollinger box)

    Decorative and Art Objects

    Pottery fragment of vessel handle, Israel circa 3rd-6th century AD

    Pink, about 4 x 4 x 3, on wooden display base, Inscription: “Byzantine Period circa 3rd-6th century A.D., Excavated at Caesarea, Israel by joint expedition to Caesarea - Maritima, a 21-school consortium, Dona Lou Wilson was a digging member in 1976.” Pottery has base; handle with care.

    Ceramic mask, 7 1/4 x 5 3/4#8221;, white with green/blue flowers on face. Inscription: “handmade in New Orleans by Evelyn.” Breakable.

    Plaque, Thy Kingdom Come, Christian Science Prayer by Mary Baker Eddy

    Illuminated-style lettering with small picture of dome of Mother Church, Boston, 6 1/4 x 5”, wood.

    Irish linen wall hanging, folded in bag, has reproduction of Shakespeare face and “First Folio” title page, by Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK, 29 1/2 x 19 1/2”.

    Unboxed items

    Don Quixote wood carving, Spanish, modern, artist unknown, holding spear and book, figure is 14” high, base 4 1/2 x 3 7/8 x 1/4#8221;. Given to JLC by Bert & Mary Ellen Handwork, who had worked with him on Don Quixote; very thin and fragile.

    Hand Sculpture, black hollow metal on wood block, Indonesian, artist unknown, hand 4 1/2” high on base, seal of authenticity tied on with string.

Last reviewed: 11/2017